Latrell Sprewell is born on September 08, 1970, ( ) and his place of birth is America. His profession is Basketball player. His zodiac sign is Virgo. He is well-known for his Basketball player line of work.

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Latrell Sprewell net worth and Salary: Latrell Sprewell is a former American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $150 thousand. Sprewell is perhaps best known for his play on the court, but also for his actions off the court. During his storied career, Sprewell played in four all-star games and earned nearly $100 million in salary alone. Unfortunately his contributions may have been overshadowed by controversy off the court, like the time Sprewell infamously tried to choke his one-time coach P.J. Carlesimo during practice. Even despite his actions, Sprewell played for the Warriors, Knicks, and Timberwolves NBA teams. After retiring, Sprewell earned headlines for various legal and financial stumbles. At one point he owed $3 million to the state of Wisconsin in back taxes. A boat he owned was reportedly repossessed with $1.3 million worth of payments remaining and $650,000 worth of missed payments. Two of his homes were were reportedly foreclosed. Today Sprewell reportedly lives in a rented modest house in Milwaukee.

NBA Career: Sprewell played for the Golden State Warriors, the New York Knicks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves. During Sprewell’s prime production years, he would make the NBA All-Star game multiple times (four times in total) and garner a reputation as one of the finest mid-range players in the league at the time. Sprewell was also an instrumental component on the Knicks, who would reach the NBA Finals as a result.

Early Life: Latrell Fontaine Sprewell was born on September 8, 1970, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. His parents were Pamela Sprewell and Latoska Field. Early in his upbringing, Sprewell and his family moved away from Milwaukee, relocating to Flint, Michigan. During his sophomore year, his parents split, and Sprewell moved back to Milwaukee in order to live with his mother. It wasn’t until his senior year that Sprewell would start to take the game of basketball seriously. Even though Sprewell had zero experience when it came to organized play, he made the team and ended up averaging 28 points per game that year.

Even so, Sprewell’s 1997 incident, a situation in which Sprewell attempted to choke Warriors head coach P.J. Carlesimo during a practice, would undeniably overshadow any and all contributions Sprewell made on the court. As a result of his actions during practice, Sprewell was suspended for 68 games, which equaled the lion’s share of an NBA regular season. Sprewell’s career in the NBA would come to an end in 2005 — at a time when Sprewell turned down a lucrative $21-million contract over three years, making claims that such a number was not even enough to feed his children.

Later, Sprewell and his representation had planned to play some sort of waiting game around a trade deadline in order to sign with a desperate team for additional money.

Personal Information
Full Name Latrell Sprewell
Profession Basketball player
Nationality United States of America
Birthday September 08
Birth date September 8, 1970
Birth Week day Tuesday
Current Age
Birth sign Virgo

Legal/Financial Troubles: Sprewell’s life would continue to take turns for the worse, both on and off the court. Sprewell would end up losing two of his homes as well as the ability to see his children. Sprewell would continue to be shrouded in controversy and financial troubles to boot — even despite having earned roughly $100 million in professional basketball earnings.

In March of 2006, Sprewell would be offered multiple contracts — by the Dallas Mavericks as well as the San Antonio Spurs. Both teams were strong championship contenders at the time. Sprewell actually failed to respond to interests in his favor, remaining a free agent as the NBA season came to an end. The Los Angeles Lakers would also express interest in Sprewell, but nothing definitive would ever come of this. During his final season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sprewell would average 12.8 points per game.

Sprewell would be suspended for 10 games total without pay as an initial punishment. The very next day, perhaps as a targeted response to a public uproar, the Warriors decided to void the rest of Sprewell’s contract — this included $23.7 million that he would have otherwise earned over the next three years. The NBA also made the decision to suspend Sprewell for one calendar year. Sprewell would take the case to arbitration, but to only a small avail. Although Sprewell’s contract voiding would be overturned, the league still stood by suspending Sprewell for the remainder of the season — without pay. This resulted in 68 games.

The incident/action that would follow Sprewell for the rest of his basketball career occurred on December 1, 1997. During a routine practice session, Sprewell attacked head coach P. J. Carlesimo in front of the rest of his Warriors team. Carlesimo decided to yell at Sprewell in order to inspire him to make “crisper” passes, Sprewell gave the impression that he was not interested in the coach’s criticism, telling Carlesimo to remain at a distance. Carlesimo decided to approach, calling what he thought was a Sprewell bluff.  Sprewell then allegedly threatened to kill Carlesimo, dragging the coach by the throat. It was reported that Sprewell choked Carlesimo for the better part of 10 seconds. Teammates and assistant coaches would finally make the decision to intervene, pulling Sprewell. Sprewell would return to practice around 20 minutes later and again accost Warriors Coach Carlesimo. Sprewell landed a blow that glanced across Carlesimo’s right cheek before, again, being held back by assistant Warrior staff. Unfortunately, violent patterns in Sprewell’s behavior wasn’t simply an isolated incident — back in 1995, Sprewell had an altercation with his teammate, Jerome Kersey, threatening the NBA player with a two-by-four, and, reportedly, also with a firearm. Sprewell also fought with teammate Byron Houston during a 1993 practice.

Latrell Sprewell Net Worth $150 Thousand

Net Worth and Income Information
Networth $150 Thousand
Salary Info not available
Source of Income Basketball player
Business Attached with few Business
Cars Probably Owns
House Living in Own House in United States of America

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Latrell SprewellLatrell Sprewell

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