Robert Downey Jr.’s Net Worth: How the Actor Built His Fortune

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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor and producer, born on April 4, 1965, in Manhattan, New York City. He is the son of actor and filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. and actress Elsie Ann Ford. Downey Jr. started his acting career at a young age and has appeared in numerous films throughout his career, becoming one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

Downey Jr.’s breakthrough role came in the film Less Than Zero (1987), and he went on to star in other successful movies such as Chaplin (1992), Natural Born Killers (1994), and Wonder Boys (2000). However, he struggled with drug addiction and legal issues in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which led to him being arrested several times.


Net Worth$300 Million
NameRobert Downey Jr.
Salary (per film)$20 Million +
Date of BirthApril 4, 1965
Age58 Yrs
Height1.74 M (5′ 8″)
Weight77 kg (170 pounds)
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Upcoming movieOppenheimer
SpouseSusan Downey (m. 2005), Deborah Falconer (m. 1992–2004)
ChildrenIndio Falconer Downey
ParentsRobert Downey Sr., Elsie Ford

Downey Jr. made a comeback in the mid-2000s and became a household name with his portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has also starred in other successful movies such as Sherlock Holmes (2009) and The Judge (2014).

Apart from his acting career, Downey Jr. is also a producer and has his own production company, Team Downey. He has been married to producer Susan Levin since 2005 and has three children.

Downey Jr. is known for his exceptional acting skills, his ability to overcome personal challenges, and his philanthropic work. He has received numerous awards throughout his career, including two Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.


Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer who is best known for his roles in popular movies such as Iron Man, The Avengers, and Sherlock Holmes. Throughout his career, he has been known for his incredible talent and charisma on screen, but also for his tumultuous personal life.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Downey Jr. struggled with addiction and faced several legal issues. However, in recent years, he has managed to turn his life around and has become a role model for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Downey Jr.’s lifestyle has changed significantly since his days of addiction. He has focused on his health and wellness, and has become a vocal advocate for mental health awareness. He has also become more involved in philanthropy and has used his success to give back to his community.

In terms of his diet and exercise routine, Downey Jr. follows a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. He is also a dedicated runner and practices yoga regularly. In fact, he has credited his yoga practice with helping him maintain his sobriety and manage his mental health.

Downey Jr. is also known for his fashion sense and has been described as one of Hollywood’s most stylish men. He often wears tailored suits and classic clothing styles, but he also enjoys experimenting with bold patterns and colors.

In addition to his acting career, Downey Jr. has also explored his musical talents. He has released two albums, “The Futurist” in 2004 and “The Age of Adaline” in 2015. His music style is a blend of pop, rock, and jazz.

Downey Jr. has also been involved in several philanthropic causes throughout his career. He has worked with charities such as Stand Up to Cancer, the Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. He has also been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and has opened up about his own struggles with addiction and mental health issues.


Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor and producer who has been active in the entertainment industry since the early 1970s. He has had a long and successful career, with many highs and lows along the way. In this article, we will take a closer look at his career from the year 2000 and onwards.

In the early 2000s, Downey Jr. was still dealing with personal struggles related to drug addiction and legal issues. He had several run-ins with the law and spent time in jail and rehab. Despite these challenges, he managed to continue working in the industry.

In 2003, Downey Jr. starred in the comedy-drama film “The Singing Detective”, which received mixed reviews but showcased his talent as an actor. He then appeared in the romantic comedy “Gothika” (2003) alongside Halle Berry, which was a commercial success despite receiving negative reviews from critics.

Downey Jr. also had a supporting role in the film “Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin” (2003), in which he played the legendary actor. The film received critical acclaim, and Downey Jr.’s performance was particularly praised.

In 2005, Downey Jr. starred in the biographical film “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus”, in which he played the role of Lionel Sweeney, a fictional character based on a real-life photographer. The film received mixed reviews, but Downey Jr.’s performance was once again praised.

It was in 2008 that Downey Jr.’s career took a major turn when he was cast as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was a massive success, grossing over $585 million worldwide and launching Downey Jr. into a new level of stardom.

He continued to portray the character in subsequent films, including “Iron Man 2” (2010), “The Avengers” (2012), “Iron Man 3” (2013), “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015), and “Captain America: Civil War” (2016). These films were all commercial and critical successes, cementing Downey Jr.’s status as one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood.

During this time, Downey Jr. also appeared in other films, such as “Tropic Thunder” (2008), in which he played the role of Kirk Lazarus, a method actor who undergoes a controversial skin pigmentation procedure to play a black character. The film was a critical and commercial success, and Downey Jr.’s performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In 2010, Downey Jr. starred in the legal drama “The Judge”, in which he played the role of a successful lawyer who returns to his hometown to defend his estranged father in a murder case. The film received mixed reviews, but Downey Jr.’s performance was praised.

In 2014, Downey Jr. starred in the legal drama “The Judge”, in which he played the role of a successful lawyer who returns to his hometown to defend his estranged father in a murder case. The film received mixed reviews, but Downey Jr.’s performance was praised.

In 2016, Downey Jr. starred in the film “The Jungle Book”, in which he voiced the character of Iron Man. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $966 million worldwide.

Downey Jr. also produced several films during this time, including “The Soloist” (2009), “Due Date” (2010), and “The Judge” (2014).

In 2019, Downey Jr. reprised his role as Tony Stark/Iron

Here is information about houses and cars

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most recognizable and successful actors in Hollywood. He has a career that spans over three decades and has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters in film history, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a net worth estimated at over $300 million, Downey Jr. has acquired some impressive properties throughout his career, including a few luxurious homes.

One of his most notable homes is located in Malibu, California. The property is situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean, offering stunning panoramic views of the Pacific. The house was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry and is a masterpiece of modern design.

The home features a main living area with floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the stunning ocean views. The space is open and airy, with high ceilings and a minimalist aesthetic. The furnishings are simple and elegant, with clean lines and neutral colors.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with top-of-the-line appliances and ample space for cooking and entertaining. The dining area is situated adjacent to the kitchen and features a large table that can accommodate a large group.

The bedrooms in the home are spacious and luxurious, with plush bedding and high-end finishes. The master suite is particularly impressive, with its own private balcony and stunning ocean views. The en-suite bathroom is equally impressive, with a large soaking tub and a spacious walk-in shower.

The outdoor spaces of the home are just as impressive as the interior. The property features a large outdoor living area with a fireplace and plenty of seating for entertaining guests. There is also a large swimming pool and spa, surrounded by a deck and lush landscaping.

In addition to his Malibu home, Downey Jr. also owns a few other properties. One of his most notable properties is a historic windmill in East Hampton, New York. The windmill dates back to the 1800s and has been converted into a stunning residence.


Robert Downey Jr., one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, has a passion for cars. Over the years, he has owned a variety of vehicles that reflect his eclectic taste and love for speed. Here’s a look at some of the cars that have been a part of his collection.

Car ModelDescriptionEngineHorsepowerTop Speed
Audi R8High-performance sports car driven by Downey Jr. in “The Avengers”.V10525198 mph
Acura NSXHigh-performance hybrid sports car owned by Downey Jr., featured in “Jay Leno’s Garage”.Hybrid powertrain5730-60 mph in 2.7 sec
Porsche 911 Carrera SClassic sports car with a silver exterior owned by Downey Jr.3.8-liter engine400188 mph
Ford Mustang Boss 302Blue muscle car driven by Downey Jr. in “The Avengers”5.0-liter V8 engine444155 mph
Bentley Continental GTLuxury car with a black exterior owned by Downey Jr.4.0-liter V8 engine5420-60 mph in 3.9 sec
1965 Chevrolet Corvette StingrayClassic sports car with a red exterior driven by Downey Jr. in “Captain America: Civil War6.2-liter V8 engine455181 mph
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429Classic muscle car with a blue exterior, customized with a unique paint job and black racing stripes.7.0-liter V8 engine375118 mph
1970 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda SLClassic luxury convertible with a white exterior owned by Downey Jr.2.8-liter inline-six engine168124 mph

In conclusion, Robert Downey Jr. has a love for cars that is reflected in his impressive collection. From high-performance sports cars to classic muscle cars and luxury vehicles, his taste is as eclectic as his acting career. His cars are a testament to his passion for speed and style, and they have become

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